After graduating from Animation & VFX Academy, I focused on freelancing at nights after work. I started my career by designing posters for android phone application for the famous TV show Rodies, and then picked up on lot of compositing and green screen removal and Visual Effects work for ads, Tv commercial, and short films. Now I have started series of tutorials of After effects for students and professionals who want to learn more in VFX & Compositing.




Artfilmworks is  a Team of highly Talented, Creative professionals who work round the clock


throughout the year striving to project your creative imagination on screen. A Team of extremely


talented individuals, Competitive Pricing and Creative Ambiance is what set's up apart.


Artfilmworks has a mission to provide our clients with an affordable and Talented Creative


Team consisting of Top-notch Video and Film Production Professionals, Technical


Advisers, Voice-over Artists, Visual Effect Artists, 3D Animators & Compositors.

              My motive is to create the tutorials in hindi language is to quick

                  Understanding the process and techniques of compositing and visual effects.



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